What Makes Me Smile?

Our braces make us smile!

McKenzie & Kayla J.

Dr. Damon DeArment and Dr. Daniel Lill
Winchester, VA

Hanging out and relaxing with my friends and family makes me smile.

LeeAnn R.

Dr. Kenneth Messer
St. Louis, MO

Seeing my beautiful smile makes me smile.

Bertina P.

Dr. Troy Gor
Katy, TX

My family and horses make me smile!

Alex L.

Dr. C. William Dabney
Midlothian, VA

My brother makes me smile!

Connor T.

Dr. Virginia Mennemeyer
Troy, MO

My little brother makes me smile.

Lexi Jane L.

Dr. Virginia Menemyer
Troy, MO

The Chicago Blackhawks make me smile!!!

Nathan S.

Dr. Scott E. Prose
St. Charles, IL

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