National Dental Practice Based Research Network (National Dental PBRN)

NIH/NIDCR awarded a seven-year (2019 to 2026) $22.4 million grant to continue the National Dental PBRN to improve the nation’s health. The University of Alabama at Birmingham will serve as the National Administrative and Resource Center (PI: Gregg Gilbert). The University of Illinois at Chicago will serve as the Specialty Engagement Node. Dr. Sath Allareddy (AAO Member) will serve as the National Director of Specialty Engagement. The network comprises a National Administrative & Resource Center based at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a central Data Coordinating Center based at Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, and six regional nodes.

AAO Practice Based Research Network Studies

The AAO created the Practice Based Research Network Committee (AAO-PBRN) in 2013 to encourage orthodontic research in network settings, especially in the National Dental Practice Based Research Network (”network”).  The AAO-PBRN has been instrumental in moving several orthodontic studies forward, and this site provides information on studies which are in various stages of development.  It also provides additional information on the network, as well as links to enrollment.  We hope you will consider participating in one of the upcoming network studies, and urge you to enroll in the network. Due to the transition to a new funding cycle and a new Data Coordinating Center, we anticipate that the new Enrollment Questionnaire will be available sometime in August 2019. 

Anterior Openbite Study

Basic Facts about the Study:
  • PI of study: Dr. Greg Huang
  • Enrollment: 91 doctors and 347 patients in the study
  • Data Collection Ended: October 2018
  • June 2019: In process for requesting funds for data collection for the post-treatment period

Articles: Anterior Openbite Study 

Accepted and In Press:
The National Dental PBRN adult anterior openbite study: Treatment recommendations and their association with patient and practitioner characteristics

The Angle Orthodontist  Vol. 88, No. 6 (November 2018) pp. 675-683:
The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network adult anterior open bite study: A description of the practitioners and patients

American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics  Vol. 149. No. 1 (January 2016) pp. 4-5:
Giving back to our specialty: Participate in the national anterior open-bite study

Class II Pilot Phase Study

Basic Facts about the Study:
  • PI of study: Dr. Sath Allareddy
  • Funding Support: American Association of Orthodontists Foundation
  • Enrollment: 83 subjects
  • Study Completed: June 2018

Studies in Development Phase

  • Nationwide Class II Study (PI: Dr. Sath Allareddy)
  • Root Resorption Registry (PI: Dr. Sylvia Frazier-Bowers and Dr. Jaime de Jesús-Viñas )
  • Cleft and Craniofacial Orthodontics Outcomes Study (PI: Dr. Sath Allareddy)

National Dental Practice Based Research Network Information

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National Dental Practice Based Research Network Informational Brochure
National Dental Practice Based Research Network Website

AAO Publications regarding PBRN

AAO eBulletin July 5_2019
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