AAO Annual Session 2020 | Atlanta, Georgia | May 1-4, 2020

Registration CategoryRegistration DescriptionThrough March 31, 2020Through April 29, 2020On-site 
A1AAO Member – Domestic$440$515$590
A2AAO Member – International$440$515$590
A3AAO Member – Retired$0$40$80
A4AAO Member – Student Domestic$0$75$150
A5AAO Member – Student International$0$75$150
A6AAO Member – Faculty, Full-Time (US & Canada)$0$75$150
B1WFO Fellow$1,000$1,075$1,150
B2WFO Student$440$515$590
B3WFO Fellow – US or Canada (eligible for AAO membership)$2,050$2,125$2,200
C1Non-Member – Orthodontist or Dentist$2,050$2,125$2,200
C2Non-Member – Student Domestic*$440$515$590
C3Non-Member – Student International*$440$515$590
C4Non-Member – Student Non-Orthodontic (Dental or Dental Specialty)*$440$515$590
C5Non-Member – Faculty, Full-Time*$590$665$740
C6Non-Member – Dentist or Dental Specialist; spouse or staff of an AAO member
(must register with AAO member)
C7Non Member – Dental Specialist; must be a member of a dental specialty group **$640$715$790
F1F1 – Staff Orthodontic – AAO Staff Club Member***$175$250$325
F2F2 – Staff Orthodontic – Non-AAO Staff Club Member***$200$275$350
F3F3 – Staff Non-Orthodontic (Staff of a Dentist or Dental Specialist)***$500$575$650
G1G1 – Guest – Adult; immediate family member (Not eligible for CE)$0$0$0
G2G2 – Guest – Child; immediate family up to age 18 (Not eligible for CE)$0$0$0

Note: Paid registration categories (A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, F1, F2, F3) will receive one complimentary ticket to the Opening Ceremonies with their paid registration.
*Non-member Sudents and Faculty (C2, C3, C4, C5) require university verification of student or faculty status.
**Non-Member Dental Specialist (C7) must provide proof of membership to one of the following (AAE, AAP, AAOMP, AAOMR, AAOMS, AAPD, AAPHD, ACP).
***Staff Registration categories (F1, F2, F3) are eligible for a 20% discounted registration fee when registering 4 or more staff as a group