Social Media Game Changers

The social media landscape is ever changing. Almost as soon as you think you've figured it out, new platforms become popular, consumer behaviors shift and the rules change. Whether you're just dabbling or you've built your social media fan-base up to thousands of local followers, this high velocity presentation will help you prioritize your time and get the most out of the relationship-building power of social media.

Learning objectives include: 1) Discuss how to engage kids by meeting them where they are; 2) Explain how to connect with parents online; 3) Explain what platforms (e.g. Instagram) have the greatest potential; 4) Explain how to integrate social into internal, external and referral marketing.
Jeff Behan has over 25 years of experience in marketing communications. His creative work focuses on internal/external communication, sales performance, connecting with existing and prospective patients, referral-building and practice branding. Over his career, he has played an integral role in the development of strategy and implementation of marketing campaigns for a diverse array of clients including Intel and Delta Airlines as well as numerous orthodontic and dental companies. He is the principal member of VisionTrust Communications, providing staff training, customized communications tools and consulting with a primary emphasis on orthodontic practice development, including many of the top practices in the world.

Date & Time

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
7:15PM CST (75 min)


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