AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program to Offer New Products and Increased Coverages

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The AAO has announced the availability of new insurance products for members and spouses and higher benefit amounts for select life and health plans. For more information about the AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program, new products, or to raise your benefit amounts on an existing policy, contact 800.622.0344 or visit aao-insurance.com.
NEW: AAO-Endorsed Group Critical Illness Insurance is a cost-effective way to protect your family from the financial impact of a specific, life-threatening illness. The plan pays a cash benefit, as much as $100,000, if the insured is diagnosed with a covered illness or disease. Qualifying is easy and doesn't require a physical examination or medical tests. There are no stipulations on how benefit payments must be used. The plan will be available soon to AAO members and spouses.
NEW: AAO-Endorsed Group Term Life Insurance now includes a chronic illness rider, which can be purchased with, or added to, your plan. It is an easy and economical way to protect your family from the financial hardships a chronic illness may cause. The rider provides a “living benefit” that lets the insured accelerate the death benefit, up to 50 percent of the face amount, when diagnosed with a chronic illness. There are no stipulations on how benefit payments must be used. This plan will be available soon to AAO members and spouses.
NEW and IMPROVED: AAO-Endorsed Group Disability Income Insurance now allows AAO members to apply for up to $15,000 per month in lost income due to an unforeseen accident or qualifying injury or illness. In addition, an own occupation rider will provide members a choice of the core plan, including a two-year own occupation definition, or a new rider that offers own- occupation for the entire benefit duration. The rider will eliminate the restriction that a claimant is “not working for pay or profit.” The increase in benefit amount is available now. The own occupation rider will be added to the plan soon. (An own-occupation policy covers individuals who, as a result of disability, become unable to perform occupational duties that they have been trained to perform.)

IMPROVED: AAO-Endorsed Group Term Life Insurance and Group Level Term Life insurance now covers AAO members for up to $3 million. And, a qualifying spouse can apply for up to $1.5 million in coverage. The AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program offers competitive plans specifically created for orthodontic professionals. Insurance specialists are available to answer your questions, recommend product types, and help you create a plan to secure your financial future.
Apr. 4, 2017

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